Model making is a process of creation where a high level of knowledge of design, engineering, materials, and manufacturing techniques enable the model builder to effectively and efficiently translate an idea into a physical model.

Some projects are quick to realise with a client presenting an idea or sketch which is quickly translated into a 3D model. Other more complex creations require a longer, staged process to reach the final 3D product. These projects may start with a client design concept, then move through to discussion of improvements, to computer drawings, to choice of materials, to rough mock-ups, to refinements, to high detail mock ups and onto the finalised product.

At every stage the model builder's experience and skill is critical to the successful creation of a model. This is learned from working on custom projects for a wide variety of industries where no two jobs are ever the same! It is a highly specialised field requiring immense knowledge of technologies and process, a creative vision, an ability to adapt and experience in the industry.

Blueprint 4D's superior model making ability is what sets us apart. We have the experience, skills, tools and vision to bring your blueprint to life!