Whether you want a full scale replica of a dinosaur, historically accurate sword props or to bring your favourite cartoon character to life, Blueprint 4D will blow you away with our ability to make whatever 3D props or exhibition pieces you desire!

Our skilled team has a long history of making props and bespoke items for:

  • Films
  • TV
  • Advertising
  • Exhibitions
  • Events

Based in Alexandria, Sydney, we combine traditional model-making practices with modern techniques. Our modern workshop has large-scale CNC machinery, an in house spray booth, and all the tools and skills to make any props or exhibition pieces you require.

Fox Studios, Disney, Sony, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Taronga Zoo are amongst our impressive client list.

We offer the very best standard of work, with very quick turnaround times. No job is too big or too small.

Should you wish, we would welcome your team for a tour of our facilities to see our impressive set up.

Please contact us on the form below to discuss your projects.


  • Prop Page Knife
  • Prop Page pacmansmall
  • Prop Page Sea Horse
  • Prop Page Shield
  • Props Page Rescue Helmet
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