Blueprint 4D offers a range of specialised model making and prototyping services in Sydney. Our facilities boast state of the art machinery tailored for rapid bespoke product development.

We can create accurate components or models for all projects from small-scale prototypes to large wall displays. Our team can handle all types of materials including alloys, plastics, acrylics and wood, providing you with flexible solutions to create your prototypes exactly how you desire.

These services can be conducted in a number of ways, some modern and some traditional. From computer aided models, to highly accurate CNC parts to hand-crafted components, the talented team at Blueprint 4D can bring your blueprints to life with our rapid prototyping services. We can also adjust your existing technical drawings, ensuring the final result is 100% accurate as a virtual representation of the item you wish to create.

We are also proud to offer a number of spray painting and finishing techniques. Our team guarantees high levels of quality and attention to detail for all projects no matter their size or which of the above design or fabrication options you require. If you would like to find out more about our rapid model making and prototyping services, please get in touch with our team today.

Computer Aided Design

Blueprint 4D offers a full range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) services.

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CNC Machining

Our modern facility houses cutting-edge, high speed computer numerical control (CNC) machinery

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3D Printing

Blueprint 4D provides a high quality 3D printing service to produce our client’s prototypes and models.

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Hand Crafted Models

Blueprint 4D is grounded through traditional model making skills which are combined with our modern techniques to create the very best models possible.

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Our model making finishing services finalise your design into a seamless model of perfection.

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