Blueprint 4D boasts a modern facility that houses cutting-edge, high speed computer numerical control (CNC) machinery with milling and routing services. This process creates highly accurate three dimensional components by cutting away the material through a subtractive model making process. Our CNC machines cater for a variety of materials including metal alloys, engineering plastics, tooling boards and wood.

With high levels of accuracy on all CNC machines, we are able to produce any size of product. Whether you hire us for the fabrication of small scale consumer products or large interior design wall installations, we can handle your requests within our Sydney-based workshop.

The jewel in our crown is our Hass Gr510 which offers a bed-size of 3,000 mm x 1,200 mm with an extended Z-height of 400 mm. The size of this CNC machine provides unlimited possibilities for clients requiring large models or prototypes. Blueprint 4D’s ability to deliver large scale projects using our Haas is one of the many reasons our clients choose our services.

To learn more about our CNC machinery Sydney based services, please get in touch with our team by calling us or by filling in the form below. We welcome the opportunity to discuss details of how we can assist with your future projects.