Whether you have a simple verbal description of your design, a detailed 2D pencil sketch or existing CAD data requiring change and/or interpretation, Blueprint 4D can create a detailed 3D computer model of your design. Working from our Sydney-based studio, our team of experts will utilise their advanced CAD skills so you can get a feel for your prototype, product or component before physically creating it.

For clients supplying a finalised 3D CAD design, one of our key services prior to commencing the model making process is cutting and manipulating the original CAD blueprint to build a cost effective model whilst maintaining design integrity. For example, we know it may be more effective to cut up a supplied CAD model into separate components in order to machine them faster and use fewer materials. This passes direct cost and time benefits to our clients. These parts will be reassembled during the model making process to be finally presented as one seamless model.

If you would like to learn more about our CAD services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form below. We will happily discuss how we can assist you obtain a high quality 3D computer model prior to the manufacturing process.